About us

My partner and I are a budding and promising company of women with a flair for beauty and wellness. For quite some time, we wanted a product that would enhance our beauty and skin and defy age without having too much stress on our inner body due to free radicals. It was by chance and faith that we came across Dfyage. Everyone I knew was surprised how I bounced back quickly after a car accident that put so much stress on me physically due to multiple surgeries. Sun exposure can cause hyperpigmentation or darkening of the skin on my facial scar, so I became conscious of my skin. Then I came across this product with a noticeable effect; in two weeks, my face started to glow, and my skin felt nourished, so we decided to share this new concept of a beauty regimen that will protect your skin and enhance your beauty inside out. Dfyage age is a dietary supplement supporting healthy skin by helping you control sun damage—revolutionary formula with unique & superior oral sunblock that your skin will love. Dfyage was formed and introduced to the public in 2019. Since then, it has captured the interest of many. Aimed to distribute the highest quality product to customers, we at Dfyage strive to give you the best quality in our products through unparalleled innovation in our ingredients.